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YES and NO

“But let your statement be, ‘Yes, yes’ or ‘No, no’; anything beyond these is of an evil.” Everyday we make hundreds if not thousands of decisions. Sometimes we choose “yes” and sometimes we choose “no”. Most decisions are small but they add up. 

Short example. If I say “yes” to buying a pallet of Godiva chocolate at Costco I will be faced with a couple of thousand opportunities to say either yes or no to a piece of smooth creamy delicious chocolate one at a time. But if I say one firm “no”.  I have just saved myself hundreds of thousands of calories and the decisions of if I’m going  to go to the gym to burn them off or not. 

Another example. I have a favorite person in the whole wide world. When he asked me to be his wife I said “YES!” In saying yes to him I have said no to every other man walking the face of this earth. Decision made. 

Make the big decisions firmly and the small ones fall in line. You may be tired of me telling you to make a life plan but if you have already done it you can attest to the freedom it gives you. 

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  1. matt

    Very happy you said YES!

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