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A Friend of a Friend

Yesterday I read about a man who’s friend has been diagnosed with cancer. It happens thousands of times a day in our country. I will probably never meet this man in person but his diagnosis has touched my life none the less. In describing his friend, my friend referred to him as the rare kind of man who sees beyond the circumstances and into the heart of those he walks with. He listens and comforts, he supports without enabling.

My friend has been through the valley of sorrow himself and this man walked with him. Now the weight of the journey has shifted and because of the strength invested in others there is a line waiting to carry him. In so many ways this man is a living example of reaping what you sow. Friendship and compassion are coming full circle. 3 am does not have to be a lonely time because he’s been awake at that hour many times before.

Does your phone ring in the middle of the night? Are you the kind of person people call when they are in trouble or pain or grief or sorrow? Are you the one they want to share good news with because you’ve been there for so much of the other kind? Do you run on prayer and caffeine some days after an all night vigil? Who are you walking with? Who’s walking with you?

Today someone else is being diagnosed with the only 100% terminal condition…life.

The line forms here…

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