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All Things In Order

About 15 years ago I spent some time learning about addictions as part of the job I had. One of the most successful programs for alcohol addiction has been AA. Since they hold a lot of meetings and the meetings are free it worked very well to attend and listen. After my first meeting I thought I would probably understand the experience better if I “ran through” the program myself. I jumped right in and started writing out my “answers”.  A few days later I went to a co-worker who’s main job was working with people in recovery and asked him why the fourth step was so challenging. He asked me how much time I had spent on the first three steps. I told him I skipped them. Then he said something that has stuck with me. “They are in order for a reason and they are numbered for people like you.”

Looking at the commandments God gave Moses for the people of Israel I can’t help thinking God is truly a god of order. The first one is simple enough on the surface but the application is where we so often loose our way. I know I do. “I am the Lord your God.” Really puts it in order. Starts and ends a simple declarative sentence with Him and covers our roles and relationship in the few words in between. One thing I know for sure, I may not fully know who I am but God fully knows who He is. The next little bit is addressed to Israel and then the commandment.  “Do not have any gods before ME!”

As I was looking at my plans for today I realized God wasn’t on my calendar. Dog food and laundry were scheduled but not Him. My first desire in the morning is coffee. Not real breakfast. As much as I love a good breakfast, that is the exception not the rule for my days. I have been running on empty lately. Physically and spiritually. And as I was picking up an apple fritter and my 3rd cup of coffee for the morning after dropping my daughter off for band practice and getting the dog food before I rushed back to pick her up from band practice, I heard my friend’s words “they are in order for a reason and numbered….” The sabboth is for people like me. It’s not the end of the week. It’s the beginning. It’s not resting up from what I’ve done all week. It’s preparing for the week ahead.

“Be still and know that I AM GOD”  All things in order…

Be Still Selah

6 comments on “All Things In Order

Dog food and God food. I love it Lana.

Definitely food for thought.

Linda Roberts

Dog is just God spelled backwards…hmmm backwards..that kinda plays into this too doesn’t it? Things were out of order (backwards)? It’s the subtle things isn’t it?

Absolutely. When I get things backward it can be pretty obvious.

I’m glad I read this Lana…really hits home (minus the dog food).

I’m sure with two little boys in the house a puppy can’t be too far in your future, Liz.

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