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The Queen of Questions


false-dichotomy-t-shirt_designI am a dichotomy.

I have more technology in my home office than some small countries. I also have a Hammond church organ in my living room.

I have a Kindle in my purse and stack of books piled up that won’t fit on any of my 200 board feet of bookcase shelves.

I have a minivan in the driveway and a Harley (mine) in the garage.

I wear diamonds at all times and rhinestones often.

I drink my coffee black or with Hazelnut creamer or Peppermint mocha when it’s in season.

I love to cook from scratch or drive through McD’s.

I enjoy deep conversations but have no tolerance for small talk.

I will spend hours crafting a single sentence but let my words fly without a second thought.

I hold fast to the framework of my traditions while reaching for new ways to bring meaning to my life.

I want you to read my work but write purely for myself.

I will help whenever, where ever as much as I can but will not ask for help for myself.

I am just as content alone as I am on stage in front of thousands. (Maybe that’s just a different kind of alone, so that one may not count)

My words speak less than my silence.

I am a dichotomy.

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