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At the end of the day…hope

A photo by Eryk Fudala. don’t want to see anymore political stuff.

Not because I don’t want to be an informed voter but because nothing I see offers any hope.

All I see are people taking and yelling and threatening and telling others what they are doing is wrong.

I’m tired of it.

I have long said “you can’t tell people to stop telling you what to do without telling them what to do”. So I won’t. I won’t tell others what to do but I will tell myself.

I will set my own boundaries to reduce the noise and negativity in my life.

I will restrict access to my time and attention.

I will focus on creating a positive atmosphere and uplifting conversations.

I will offer hope and encouragement.

I will put out fires instead of fueling them.

I will “vote” with my participation or lack of it, with my effort or lack of it, with my resources or lack of them.

My values, opinions, actions, and the results of them are entirely my own.

I am aware. I am informed. I am educated. I can and will come to my own conclusions.

If that does not sit well with others, I am fine with that.

I do not live my life to satisfy the whims and standards of others.

I attended a writer’s workshop this summer. After several days it was becoming clear there was a rich history of faith-based journeys represented. Going around the table each writer shared the labels they had accepted as their own both in the past and currently. When it came to me I said I had been raised in the Southern Baptist church, spent 20 years in an independent evangelical church and had pretty much walked away from church about 10 years ago. The facilitator of the workshop said, “So you’re a Seeker?” to which I replied, “No, I’ve found my answers.” And I have. They are mine and I am content.

At the end of the day, I still have hope and peace and no one can change that.


Psalms 27

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