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dollar-closeupIt’s been stuck in the corner of the poster frame hanging by my front door for years.

Today I realized it was gone. And with it a piece of my dream hung in the balance.

A single dollar bill, not remarkable in any way. But that single dollar bill was on top of the small stack I was handed as a love offering the first time I spoke to an audience as a professional speaker. It wasn’t a big audience but they were generous with their encouragement and their offering. By far the words of appreciate meant more to me than the cash. But the cash was a tangible symbol of my dream to be a professional public speaker.

In the spirit of honesty and transparency, it’s been almost two years since the last “paid gig” as a speaker. I’ve devoted my weekends to my family and not made myself available. I put it all on hold. I’ve taken more courses, listened in on some good and some not so good webinars, updated and redesigned this site as well as another one I’m in the process of creating. I’ve outlined several more books, read a couple of hundred and kept my P.O.Box. You never know when you’ll need your P.O.Box.

Every dollar bill looks pretty much the same as the next one. It’s worth the same. It fold and spends and even tears the same way. But each one is unique. It has its own number. The signature is different on some and the same on others. Just like dreams. Each the same but each uniquely individual.

What hit me so hard tonight was that something that represented my dream was there one day and gone at some point without me noticing. I had to ask myself if the dream had slipped away unnoticed, too.

Do you have your dollar? Have you started to reach for your dream? Has someone invested in or rewarded your efforts? Are you ready to start?

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