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Our pastor is teaching a series through the book of the Revelation. This morning’s passage was on the church at Laodicea. I’ve read this passage before and sat through many series on the letter to the seven churches. This morning God showed me something new and it nearly broke my heart.

This group of believers has often been held up as the lukewarm church. Some have gone as far as to say they weren’t a church but more of a social club or even a cult. But the Amen addressed them as a church and calling them anything less than what He calls them seems like dangerous ground to stand on. He goes on to say He knows their deeds. Sounds familiar. He is intimately knowledgeable about all the deeds of His churches but what shouted out to me from the pages this morning wasn’t the transgression of a church that had cooled but not frozen. All I could see in that passage this morning was the incredible passion Christ had for that church.

Those four little words at the beginning of verse 19 “Those whom I love!” The letter to Laodicea wasn’t so much about them as it was and is still about Him. All of the letters to the churches say the same thing. “You have fallen short but I love you!” “You have problems but I love you!” “You are My churches and I love you!”

Before anything else He was going to show John He wanted the churches in the condition they were in to know His heart. They were His and He loved them.

The only hope the fallen, failing, lukewarm, broken have is that He loves us. No matter where we started our journey, no matter where we are today, the message is still the same. See His heart for His people. Don’t let the failure of the church be the focus. It wasn’t His focus. His focus was still on loving them and reaching them. Why would He stand at the door and knock if He didn’t want to come in? He wouldn’t He doesn’t. He stands and knocks because He loves.

“To the angel of the church write….I love you!”

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