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The Long and Short Of It…

war and peaceI Googled the phrase, searched classic literature for examples of it’s use and now I am compelled to read War and Peace, the icon of The Long of it.

Classic literature is classic because it holds up over time. Written in 1869, read by millions of high school students in AP English classes and college students majoring in history or Russia or literature or even political science, the scope of story telling Tolstoy reached for is impressive. It’s a huge book because he was telling an even bigger story. Can you imagine how much he left out?

Fast forward and today approximately 58 million Tweets of 140 characters or less will be offered up electronically. They tell a story, too. A quick glimpse, maybe a clue leading to further investigation, a thought, an emotion, an idea, an inspiration, an encouragement, an outburst of rage or sorrow. But in those 58 million there is history and political science and even Russia. They have become the Short of it.

Just because you don’t have the time to sink into the depths of War and Peace doesn’t mean you can’t take the time to connect with the big story.

Just because you are not immersed in pursuing your dream or fulfilling your calling doesn’t mean you aren’t still part of the big story. Every page of your story is written one at a time. One scene. One character. One conversation. One decision. If all you see right now are the Tweets, I invite you to find a comfortable chair, settle in and take the time to see The Long and The Short of It.

It is your story, your life…




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