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Uphill Climb or Downhill Slide

Hiking up hill I lean into the hill. I see the ground in front of me and looking up I see a goal to strive for.

The view from the top, the thin air and the burn in my legs remind me I have achieved what I set out to achieve.


downhill-hikingThe journey down is another story all together.

The goal is hidden somewhere below.

Instead of the solid ground in front of me is the open air.

Physical resources already spent in the accent are not as abundant.

A misstep here could lead to an avalanche of at least a personal nature.


I am more cautious. Less sure-footed, slower and more calculating.

Expectation has been replaced with inevitability.



I look back on my journey. I can see the uphill climbs so clearly. I wonder if the peaks where my apex or if there is still a summit ahead. Am I crossing a small valley or am I on the downhill stretch?


This looks like a good rock to rest on, catch my breath and consider the path ahead.



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