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What are the odds?

What follows is the chain of events that God orchestrated to show just how much He loves me. It may not have the depth of significance to anyone else in the world because it was so incredibly customized for my heart.

The first Saturday in May I attended The Calling Conference at Mt Herman in the Santa Cruz mountains. Several years ago I broke my leg in a motorcycle accident in the Santa Cruz mountains. A year or so before that I started going to Captivating Retreats in Colorado. God has brought some of the most amazing women into my life through Captivating and Ransomed Hearts Ministry. It was one of those women who sent me an email inviting me to The Calling Conference. My husband did some web checking to find out more about the conference and learned it was being sponsored by Brian Golter. The week before I left for Mt Herman my husband found a business card while clearing up his home office. It was from Robert Golter who had been in my husband’s cabin at Advanced Camp in Colorado in March. The world got a little smaller. At the last minute some other friends of mine were able to drive up from Long Beach to join us at The Calling. It had been while driving home from visiting them in April that God had given me a vision for a women’s conference. ( More about that later)

So here goes the fun part. On that Saturday Gary Barkalow showed a clip from the movie Seabiscut. It’s the one where the jockey has a broken leg and is talking to the horse. After the clip Gary starts telling a story about going bird hunting with John Eldrege. Shortly after that there is a discussion about what lies people have believed that disqualify them from their calling in life. Across the room from me a man I’ve never met calls out “I’m too much of a long shot.”

During the next conference break I used the iphone I had gotten just that week to check something online. For several years I lived about a mile from Church Hill Downs in Louisville Kentucky. It’s where they hold the Kentucky Derby on the first Saturday in May. When I read the race results I cried. I honestly sat there as the tears streamed down my face.

After seeing a movie about a jockey with a broken leg in the mountains where I broke my leg, listening to a story about birds with a man who’s too much of a long shot on Derby day, the winner of the Kentucky Derby was “Mine That Bird” a 50 to 1 long shot! What are the odds?!?

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