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Missing pieces

I’ve heard the “life is a tapestry” analogy. I’ve heard “all the world’s a stage….” I heard we are each called to our own unique story. I believe each of those are true. This morning I realized why they are true. I have a vision for my life, a play on the stage, a story […]

The Special…

It just looks like a little rock. And it is. But that little rock can mean so much. It all depends on who’s looking at it. In your shoe it can ruin a long walk, taking your focus off the beauty around you, the conversation offered and the serenity just being outside can bring. Set […]

Throwback Thursday

Not sure who came up with this designation but it resonates this week. It generates lots of fun pictures and memories on social media. A glimpse into who and where we were in days gone by. It offers us a little perspective on the fashion choices we made when we were younger and thought we […]