Lana Vaughan

Reality Developer, Helping take dreams out of the clouds and make them reality

Following Directions

So much of life comes with directions. The basic premise being someone who has gone before is leaving a visible trail for those who come later. Not all directions are clear. These are a few of the directions I have followed and the general results. Legos: colored photos of the little pieces with no words. […]

Cowboy Chili

The inevitable change of seasons is marked by falling leaves or falling snow or migrating birds overhead. All things I greet each year with joy. Fall is such a wonderful if short season. The crisp cool mornings with dew on the grass and windshield make it necessary to warm up the van a little before […]


All he had was a sturdy stick and a stutter. God used him to speak to Pharaoh and free a nation. All he had was sling and some stones. God used him to take down a giant. All he had was a few fish and a little bread. God used him to feed the multitude. […]

Before you go

Over the past month friends have been dropping their freshmen college students off at various campuses around the country. Many of these friends are people I’ve met during the past three years at my favorite teen’s high school. Their students, for the most part, were in the music program or color guard. Next week the […]