Lana Vaughan

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Words Fail

When a son/husband/father leaves for work in the morning and never arrives… When a heart is risked and rejected… When a child is abused by someone who is supposed to protect and defend… When a person of influence uses it to tear down instead of build up… When faith and hope are distant memories… When […]


How much pressure are you under? Where does it come from? Is it from people who want you to do more or do less or just do different…or…or…or? Is it from yourself wishing you were more or better or thinner or richer or more successful or…or…or? When divers go to deep the pressure of the […]

Holding On…Holding On….

Unless you live under a rock, and even if you do, you have probably heard this year’s theme song enough to get the subliminal messages. Let it go… But what effect has it had on you? Do you find yourself spinning around on a snow cover mountain side looking at people in the valley below […]


Yesterday something struck me as petty. I don’t remember the last time I used that word but it was the word that came to mind when I read someone I do not know’s public posting. I have been mulling over that word for the past 24 hours or so. Funny, I find myself using words […]